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Avaiailable Rental in Jamaica Hills.

Avaiailable Rental in Jamaica.

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Avaiailable For Sale in Jamaica Hills.

Avaiailable For Sale in Jamaica.

Avaiailable For Sale in Briarwood.

Avaiailable For Sale in Jamaica Esates.

About Me

“We frequently add new listings and are always available to speak to you if you call or email. Our brokerage has been conducting real estate for two decades. Our goal is to make your real estate transaction as professional as possible. We also aim to include a certain amount of ease and make you confident that you were in good hands from start to finish. Choosing a Realtor should not be difficult – there is a standard that every brokerage should have. We make it our goal to have a standard that meets or exceeds your expectations. We want to do business with you please give us a call if you have any questions. We are here for you.”


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Tobias Lanzo

Virginia, is a very intuitive agent. She actually helped me save my house by
advising me of the up and coming of the neighborhood and suggesting to hold on if I
could to reap the benefits of the value increasing and the new business that would
help build the neighborhood. I am very happened I listened to her. She is patient,
wise and caring. Thank you, Virginia!

Dorothy M

Virginia helped our family sell a co-op apartment from an estate. None of the the
rest of us live in New York, and we were unfamiliar with co-op apartments. Virginia
expertly guided us with her knowledge of the market, the building and the process.
She also helped us in ways far above and beyond her role as a realtor. We were
fortunate to have found her, and highly recommend her.


Although we are two hrs away from each other, she came with her buyer showing
one of my properties in Upstate NY who bought the house. She works extremely
hard. She gives her all to her clients. I would highly recommend Virginia to be your